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Simmons & Simmons Management, Inc., started business in 1986 in site preparation work. The company incorporated in 1993. We are a small, yet diverse company with many years of experience between its owners, David R. Simmons and Estel D. Simmons.

The company entered the storm recovery phase of the business in 1996 with Hurricanes Bertha and Fran, working with the City of Clinton in the recovery and removal of debris.

As a result of the winter storm of 2000 in Moore County, which was declared a disaster area; we worked with FEMA and the County in the recovery and debris reduction at the Moore County Landfill, using three air curtain incinerators. We purchased our first tub grinder in 2001 and signed the first contract with Moore County. Simmons & Simmons has purchased three other tub grinders since 2001.

We have contracts with many municipalities in North Carolina. We work with some that require that we leave the mulch on site and some require that we have outlets for its use. If we have to dispose of the mulch, we are able to bring our screening plant on site, screen the mulch, and offer the fines as boiler fuel.

Simmons & Simmons Management, Inc., has the experience, equipment, insurance and safety records that many municipalities and contractors are looking for demolition, land clearing, grubbing, burning, tub grinding, storm recovery, and site restoration jobs.

We entered our first solid waste collection contract in 2007 and have a fleet of trucks and a crew that has many years of experience in the collection process. Our location for this phase of our business is in Swansboro, North Carolina; and we hope to expand into other areas.

Simmons & Simmons Management, Inc., is dedicated to giving our very best service to our customers at a competitive price. We train our employees to take the same pride in their work that we want to offer to our clients.